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The whole time I was thinking "This is a really neat concept piece for innovative navigation" and then I realized by the end that I could have saved myself some time and thought "This is ART".

But really, though. Great execution of gameplay, fantastic end scene.


Thank you for the very kind words! I wanted to try making something like Bad Mojo in Bitsy, but a little less gross, after watching a little spider casually scaling my computer monitor.

I ended up taking some shortcuts / liberties with screen-to-screen continuity, like the rear sideview rooms (behind the monitor) are mirrored horizontally to align with the top-down desk view.

It worked fantastically.  I couldn't tell that you were taking any shortcuts and the navigation never got confusiong.

Also, I was going to mention Bad Mojo but I didn't think anybody would know what I was talking about.  That's a real deep cut, and I'm glad to hear people are still aware of that game haha

yo fresh

Freaking great my dude

omg the puzzle of getting to the exit was really good but the ending!! oh my god i have laughed so much!! the sipping coffee and the wink!!! and just the attitude and the very end!!!! oh lord was this glorious!!


Thank you!