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yes it’s called a collaboration project can we do that maybe 😊


I totally loved this!! Super-smooth play experience, finished in about a half-hour. The pacing and world structure is really smart, and I love all the little extra  touches sprinkled throughout (like how the coin collection sound alternates between four distinct notes, so when you get a bunch of 'em it makes a little song).

The whole thing gives me nice Ufouria feelings. Thanks so much for making and sharing it!


This is fabulous! I love how dense the levels are and some of the platforming challenges are really ingenious. 

It crashed (or at least surprise quit) on me for no apparent reason just as I was nearing 40 coins. I will be back to play more after saving works! 

Oh thanks! Sorry that it crashed, I will look at adding save/load to disk, and maybe bump the LÖVE executable up to the 11.3.

I have some diagnostics questions if you don't mind:

* Do you recall which area you were in and what was happening when it crashed? Did the screen turn baby-blue and display a LÖVE error message, or did it just crash straight-to-desktop?

* Can I confirm your OS and if were you playing with a gamepad or just the keyboard?

* Were you playing v1.01 or v1.02?

No problem! I was playing 1.02 on Windows 10. Was playing with a gamepad. I can't remember exactly which room I was in, but I *think* it is whichever room is directly  to the left of the crumbling block puzzle where there are four coins inside a square of red crumbling blocks.


Current status: I haven't been able to dupe the application close under Windows. I'm aiming to have the following completed by Monday evening:

* Add save state / load state functionality
* Bump the EXE up to the LÖVE 11.3 preview build for Windows
* Include a Windows build with console output, just in case whatever is causing the app to close is also generating an error message
* Maybe increase the volume of the sound and music files, as they seem way too low compared to the built-in sounds on Windows

I've uploaded a new version with these changes. Keys 1 to 9 will select a save slot, F5 will save to that slot, and F8 will load. Additionally, save/load can be mapped to gamepad buttons, and the current slot can be chosen from the pause menu.

I recommend running "hibernator_console.exe" from the command prompt, just in case one of LÖVE's subsystems gives any kind of error message in the event of another application close. (Warning: If you double-click on the exe instead of going through cmd, the console will close when the game closes, taking any messages with it.) Additionally, it might be a good idea to change your save slot every 15-20 minutes just to ensure that the save isn't corrupted somehow.