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This was made as a test drive of the LÖVE framework. Collect the seven foodstuffs scattered throughout the maze-like game world. Once all are in your possession, return to your den to prep for hibernation!

Keyboard Controls

Arrow Keys, WASD: Walk, jump, climb, activate machines.
Z, X, C, Space: Alternate jump buttons
R: Restart from the last checkpoint.
Tab: Display the automap. All visited screens will be shown, and all food locations will also be indicated.
F2: Return to the title screen (restarts the application)
1-9: Select save slot
F5: Save to current slot
F8: Load from current slot
Escape: Open the options menu. Use up/down or W/S to select an option, left/right or A/D to adjust a numeric parameter, and Enter to toggle an On-or-Off parameter. Press Escape to leave the menu.

The first enumerated gamepad on your system can also be used for input.

Gameplay Notes

In order to progress, you'll need to pick up coins to activate moving platforms, and also increase your jump strength by collecting new sneakers, just as in nature.

Checkpoints are represented as torches. When defeated by the bad things, you will be returned to the last torch with all progress since then undone. You can touch the same torch twice to update the restore point with new stats.

You will occasionally have to swim. The player character floats upwards, and the
only way to move down further is to dive in from a sufficiently high point. To
leave water, hold one of the jump buttons to continuously hop out. It's not possible to drown in this game.

Menu Options That Warrant Explanation

Screen Scale: Magnifies the screen. Lower is smaller.
Time Scale: Changes the speed of gameplay. Lower is faster.
Vsync: When enabled, synchronizes draw updates to the refresh rate of your monitor or television. When disabled, the game renders at a rate as fast as your system and LÖVE will allow, which may cause screen tearing artifacts.
Up to Jump: When enabled, pressing the up direction (up arrow, 'W', or up with the gamepad analog stick or d-pad / hat) will make the player jump.
Remap Gamepad...: Takes you to a gamepad configuration screen to map the following actions: Jump / Confirm, Menu / Cancel, Automap, Respawn, Save Game and Load Game.

System Requirements

In general: your system needs to support LÖVE 11.3 to play this game. A 32-bit Windows package is provided below, as well as the .love project file which can be used with the Linux and MacOS versions of LÖVE. Unfortunately, I do not currently have access to a MacOS system for testing and packaging a standalone Mac release.

Missing Features

Keyboard key rebinding and fullscreen are conspicuously absent. I apologize for any issues this causes. I plan to eventually get this ported to a new, better codebase with more features. Until then, I'm leaving the Itch project status for this as 'Prototype.'

Known Issues and Bugs

3 Sept 2019: Serialization bug: sometimes the jump powerup state is not correctly stored and retrieved from a saved game. I haven't been able to duplicate this for v1.04 so I'm not sure if it's still happening. If you run into it on v1.04, please let me know!


Made in 2019 (updated 2020) by Rabbitboots

Using the LÖVE 11.3, and the Binser data serialization library

Tools used:
Ad Lib Tracker II

Game (C) 2019, 2020 Rabbitboots. All rights reserved.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withLÖVE
Tags2D, flick-screen, jumping, maze, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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hibernator-v1-04-win32.zip 13 MB
hibernator-v1-04-love-file.zip 4 MB

Development log


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yes it’s called a collaboration project can we do that maybe 😊


I totally loved this!! Super-smooth play experience, finished in about a half-hour. The pacing and world structure is really smart, and I love all the little extra  touches sprinkled throughout (like how the coin collection sound alternates between four distinct notes, so when you get a bunch of 'em it makes a little song).

The whole thing gives me nice Ufouria feelings. Thanks so much for making and sharing it!


This is fabulous! I love how dense the levels are and some of the platforming challenges are really ingenious. 

It crashed (or at least surprise quit) on me for no apparent reason just as I was nearing 40 coins. I will be back to play more after saving works! 

Oh thanks! Sorry that it crashed, I will look at adding save/load to disk, and maybe bump the LÖVE executable up to the 11.3.

I have some diagnostics questions if you don't mind:

* Do you recall which area you were in and what was happening when it crashed? Did the screen turn baby-blue and display a LÖVE error message, or did it just crash straight-to-desktop?

* Can I confirm your OS and if were you playing with a gamepad or just the keyboard?

* Were you playing v1.01 or v1.02?

No problem! I was playing 1.02 on Windows 10. Was playing with a gamepad. I can't remember exactly which room I was in, but I *think* it is whichever room is directly  to the left of the crumbling block puzzle where there are four coins inside a square of red crumbling blocks.


Current status: I haven't been able to dupe the application close under Windows. I'm aiming to have the following completed by Monday evening:

* Add save state / load state functionality
* Bump the EXE up to the LÖVE 11.3 preview build for Windows
* Include a Windows build with console output, just in case whatever is causing the app to close is also generating an error message
* Maybe increase the volume of the sound and music files, as they seem way too low compared to the built-in sounds on Windows

I've uploaded a new version with these changes. Keys 1 to 9 will select a save slot, F5 will save to that slot, and F8 will load. Additionally, save/load can be mapped to gamepad buttons, and the current slot can be chosen from the pause menu.

I recommend running "hibernator_console.exe" from the command prompt, just in case one of LÖVE's subsystems gives any kind of error message in the event of another application close. (Warning: If you double-click on the exe instead of going through cmd, the console will close when the game closes, taking any messages with it.) Additionally, it might be a good idea to change your save slot every 15-20 minutes just to ensure that the save isn't corrupted somehow.