Hibernator 1.04

So Hibernator has needed some fixes for quite a while. My plan was to make a second platformer with an improved codebase, and then circle back and port Hibernator to it, but that second game is taking longer to complete than planned. In the meantime, this is a stopgap update intended to address a few issues. I still plan to do a proper conversion at some point, maybe a cleaned-up remake.

Due to internal changes, config files and save-files from earlier versions are not supported in this release.


* Minimum LÖVE version is now 11.3.
* Menu background is darker to improve legibility in some rooms. Renamed "Exit Game" to "Quit Game" to reduce the chance of mistaking it as a way to close just the menu.
* Suppress "hit the ground" SFX within first 4 ticks of starting or reloading.
* When reloading from torch checkpoints, the player is now centered and stopped.
* Fixed save files not writing and restoring persistent checkpoint state.
* Crash-to-desktop mitigations: JIT compilation is disabled by default after startup (see readme.txt for a way to force it back on); a manual GC cycle is invoked if Lua memory exceeds 512 MB.
* When changing window scale, the application now waits 0.5 seconds before applying the change.
* Toggling VSync now takes effect without having to recreate the window.
* Improved sprite rendering code to offset some of the performance losses from disabling JIT.
* Removed some unused assets and code.

In 2019, I had a bug report about losing jump powerups when loading from a save file. I wasn't able to dupe this issue in v1.04. I did catch an oversight with save files, but I'm not sure if it was the root cause. If you experience this issue, I'd love to hear any details about where and how it happened, and if you are able to reproduce it.


hibernator-v1-04-win32.zip 13 MB
Nov 03, 2020
hibernator-v1-04-love-file.zip 4 MB
Nov 03, 2020

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